Welcome! I'm helping lawyers like you navigate the corporate currents with ease so you can find harmony in your work and life

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Welcome! I'm helping lawyers like you navigate the corporate currents with ease so you can find harmony in your work and life.

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Hi, I'm Marie!


And I know first-hand the challenges early-career lawyers face when seeking to chart a new course and find work that brings both financial abundance and fulfilment. My journey, akin to a river flowing through varying terrains, has taken me from litigation in the insurance world, to the vibrant entertainment and hospitality industries. 

Just as water finds its way through obstacles, I believe that every lawyer can find their dream career, no matter how turbulent their current situation may seem. That's why I started FreeWithMarie. A place to embrace the fluidity of life and career transitions, helping you ride the waves of change with ease.


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Diving deep into your Career Aspirations 



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Unlock your path to career success with my 1:1 Coaching Packages. These packages set my clients up to conquer their dream job search journey. In just three-six expertly crafted sessions, you'll gain invaluable insights, strategies, and unwavering support. From crafting an impeccable resume and cover letter to optimizing your LinkedIn profile and mastering the art of networking, I've got you covered. With interview preparation as the final touch, you'll be equipped to land your dream legal job. Learn more about this transformative learning opportunity!

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In the world of legal careers, change is constant, but so is the steady flow towards your goals when you have the right guidance. Let's connect and set your course.


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"Marie is a compassionate and knowledgeable facilitator, helping her students navigate at their own pace while providing guidance where needed. The structure of the Kalo Mina workshop was digestible and I truly enjoyed the experience.

My month following felt focussed and intentional and I'm grateful to Marie for sharing her gift with our group."


Natasha A.

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